Services We cover all areas of the real estate sector

Properties management 

The properties management  department is made up of specialists in urban leases and is in charge of everything that involves the administration of a lease. That is, the mediation between the owner and the tenant, resolving all the conflicts that may arise during the contractual relationship, as well as supervising the multiple issues to be taken into account during the term of a rental contract, with the aim of making the most of the properties of our clients, who know how to entrust their assets to a team of professionals.

  • Management of monthly payments and collections
  • Monthly and quarterly settlements
  • Control of rents, increases and repercussions
  • Contract expirations and renewals
  • Mediation between landlord and tenant
  • Late payment monitoring
  • Management of incidents
  • Liquidation of the corresponding taxes
  • Control of works, reforms and budgets

homeowners association

We manage communities of owners and large real estate We manage residents’ association and large real estate complexes, providing transparency and commitment in all those functions for which we assume full responsibility in order to optimize the resources of our clients and reduce the expenses of the communities we manage. We are currently engaged with more than 150 residents’ association in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

  • Accounting and collections
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Preparation of regular annual budgets
  • Call for ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • Execution of the agreements adopted
  • Management and control of works and renovations
  • Advice and legal support
  • Experience and commitment


Aguilá-Bonfill, we have the best specialists in real estate civil law with 40 years of experience and with a great number of successes that support us, this office being one of the most recognized in the sector.

  • Urban leases
  • Specialists in horizontal property law
  • Hereditary procedures
  • Real estate legal advice
  • Legal advice on real estate sales
  • Mortgage advice
  • Drafting, review and interpretation of the different contracts
  • Quantity claims
  • Mediation in real estate disputes
  • Claim for construction defects


If you are interested in investing in real estate assets, we put at your disposal our team of professionals, who will help you make the best decision, accompanying you and advising you at all stages of the decision process.

  • Defining your needs
  • Comprehensive analysis of the current market situation
  • Calculation and reporting of return on investment
  • Attendance at visits
  • Advice and support in the negotiation phase
  • Supervision of the private contract of sale
  • Assistance and support in the sale
  • Legal advice in all phases of the process
  • Maximum transparency in all operations


From the Aguilá-Bonfill office, aware of the importance of having your assets protected, we advise our clients so that they can have the best policies and coverage for their property. Therefore, we offer a wide range of possibilities and advise them depending on the needs of each client. We contract and manage community, apartment and business insurance policies and non-payment of rents.

  • Quote of the best policy according to need
  • Control of maturities and prices
  • Claims processing
  • Repair management
  • Compensation
  • Claims

Sales and Rentals

Our commercial department, made up of a young and dynamic team, manages to get the most out of your property, advising on everything necessary to be able to close the operation successfully.

  • Commercialization and research of interests
  • Publication in the reference portals
  • Logger with total guarantee
  • Writing and signature of the contract of lease
  • Processing of certificates and certifications energy
  • Taxacions and valuations of immobiliàries
  • Drafting and signature of the contract of purchase-sale
  • Assessociàries investments